Friday, October 22, 2021

Tottenham Hotspur: Fans react to third kit announcement

Tottenham Hotspur fans on Twitter have been sharing their reactions to the north London club’s new third kit.

This comes after the official Spurs Twitter account shared a post on their page revealing their new predominantly purple third kit for the current season.

This post then quickly caught the attention of a lot of Tottenham supporters who were not shy in sharing their thoughts on this new kit.

So, what did these Spurs fans have to say about the club’s brand new third kit?

“Absolutely horrendous”

“Absolutely stinks, like the team, manager & owner”

“No thanks… too embarrassing to wear the stuff with the team being such a disgrace due to the owners lack of investment and poor running of the football club.”

“Is it April 1st already?”

“Yeah, no thanks. It’s awful. A bit like our manager’s tactics”

Looking at the replies to this post, it’s clear to see that this group of Tottenham supporters are not too keen on this new third kit the club has brought out.

Do you like this new third kit?

Given how Nuno Espirito Santo’s side were beaten 3-0 by Crystal Palace in their previous Premier League fixture, it’s safe to assume some Spurs fans haven’t been feeling too positive as a result of that defeat, which could be a factor as to why they haven’t been impressed with this third kit rather than them possibly just not liking the design.

Moving forward, we feel that these fans should be more concerned about what their players are doing on the pitch rather than what kit they’re wearing.

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