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Jamie Carragher hilariously mocks Gary Neville AGAIN after Liverpool’s fightback

Jamie Carragher has once again hilariously mocked Gary Neville after he posted a picture of himself laughing at Liverpool before they staged a second-half comeback to beat AC Milan.

Sky Sports pundit Neville made the same error on Tuesday night by posting a sarcastic video of himself laughing, accompanied by a goat emoji after Cristiano Ronaldo scored Manchester United’s opener against Young Boys.

The post appeared to be a dig at his Monday Night Football partner Carragher, who had argued with Neville that Lionel Messi was the world’s best instead of Ronaldo.

However, Neville was left with egg on his face when Young Boys battled back to claim a shock victory over United – and Carragher couldn’t resist taunting him by posting a picture of the former defender with his hands over his face and setting it as his new Twitter profile.

Neville clearly didn’t learn his lesson and fell victim to the same trap again on Wednesday night after AC Milan went into the break at Anfield 2-1 ahead.

The ex-United man posted two selfies of him looking shocked and laughing on social media, but was left red-faced again when goals from Mo Salah and Jordan Henderson sealed a 3-2 comeback victory for Jurgen Klopp’s side.

Carragher, predictably, was quick to poke fun at Neville’s expense, putting a hilarious filter over his face and writing: ‘@GNev2 as that goal went in,’ accompanied by laughing emojis.

The two pundits, who often tease each other on Sky Sports and social media, got into a fiery discussion earlier this week as they tried to settle the age-old debate of who is better between Ronaldo and Messi.

Neville, a former team-mate of Ronaldo’s, is now convinced the 36-year-old is unrivalled across the game’s history, but Carragher claimed he has got ‘carried away’ after he re-signed for United.

‘I’ve always ignored the Ronaldo and Messi question, it’s a bit of a fantasy and both need to be enjoyed,’ Neville told Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football.

‘I was asked this morning by a gentleman who was driving me in: if you could pick any player in history to come off the bench and win you a game, who would it be?

‘It would absolutely be Cristiano Ronaldo. I do think he’s the greatest football player that has ever lived. That is not a bias.

‘Messi is a ridiculous player who’s scored an obscene amount of goals. It’s incredibly similar (on the stats) apart from the wrong-footed goals, the headers, and the penalties.

‘That takes me to a point whereby he’s more complete in terms of the most important part of the game. What tips me is the international record, the most goals of all-time, and the five Champions Leagues with worse teams than Messi’s.’

Carragher rubbished Neville’s argument, claiming Messi’s superhuman control of a football and relentless scoring trump Manchester United’s new signing.

‘Ronaldo is not the greatest player of all time. I’m going to say it’s his mate here (Messi),’ the former Liverpool centre-back said.

‘It doesn’t matter how a ball goes in the net, Messi has more goals than Ronaldo. Messi is also a playmaker, he can run a game, Ronaldo can’t do that.

‘Talk about who you want coming off the bench, Messi has scored more goals coming off the bench, so that’s a ridiculous thing you’ve said there.

‘Ronaldo does things other players can do, Messi does things we’ve never seen before. In terms of the goalscoring that’s not right.

‘There’s been a lot of fanfare about Ronaldo from ex-players, I just think you’ve just got carried away.’
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